Effective date: August 1, 2018

1. Introduction

We collect a little bit of data from and about you when you use our service and opt-in for us to do so. In the following we will elaborate on the information we collect, for how long we store it and with whom we share it. It may be worth noting here that we are not interested in profiling you extensively nor selling your data to others.

2. Personal data

In the following table we list and explain the data we collect about you when you use our service and opt-in.

Data What and why
Email We collect your email address if you want to receive mails from us or if you want to sign up to one of our applications.
Credentials If you sign up with one of our applications we will store your credentials. We will not store actual passwords as such, but rather a form that does not allow to get back to the original password, but does allow to verify it (i.e. hashing).
IP address To analyze usage of our website and applications we may use your IP address to distinguish you from other users and to get some approximate geographical location of our users.
Usage To analyze the usage of our website and applications, we record your usage, e.g. what pages you viewed. We use this data in aggregated form to better understand usage and to improve the website and applications.


3. Who, what, and how long

We use various service providers to provide our services. In the following we list the service providers and des what data they process.

Party What and how long
Squarespace Squarespace is the service provider we use for the website. That means they receive all request from your browser to our website. In most cases Squarespace doesn't store any of your data, but just pass the data you enter on the site on to other providers in the list. One exception is the comments on blog posts. When you leave a comment then Squarespace will store the comment and other information you provide. If you decide to sign-up with Squarespace to leve non-anonymous comments then they will be the processor of your login data.
(DPA public available)
Google We use Google to analyze the traffic and usage of the website and applications. If you opt-in and allow us to store analytics cookies, we will send your IP address and information about your usage of our site to Google. See also our cookie policy for further information. The analytics data is only stored for 14 months.
(DPA available inside Google Analytics)
Mailchimp We use Mailchimp for handling maillists and sending out emails. If you sign up to receive mails from us, we will send your email address to Mailchimp. Your email will be stored with Mailchimp until you unsubscribe.
(DPA available inside Mailchimp)
Amazon We use Amazon as the infrastructure provider of our web applications. That means that we store you login information and other application data in the infrastructure of Amazon. We will store this information until you decide to close your account.
(DPA publically available and parts of service terms)

4. Control your data

To control your data with us we provide different means. The primary and easiest means you can use yourself. For instance, if you want us to forget your email then just unsubscribe from mail lists and close your application accounts. Similar if you want us to forget your credentials just close your application accounts with us. If you don't want us to record your usage of the web-site you can opt-out of cookies by using the opt-out button on our cookie policy page. 

If you are unable to use the means we provide on the website and applications, you can also write to us with any requests regarding your data at info@estorical.com.