Named days search

I’ve finished an initial version of the feature to search for named days and have put it online. So far, I’ve only entered a very limited amount of named days. I unfortunately don’t have so much time for the project at the moment and it takes some time to enter the days. However, I will continue with the rest of the named days from the back of R.W. Bauer’s book, whenever I find some time.

The feature

The feature looks very much like illustrated in my last posts with some minor adjustments. In essence, you can enter a year and then some text for a named day to search for. When I put in the named days I try to add some variations to anticipate mistakes and differences. As an example the below screenshot shows that I have entered “Mariae bebud.” and the service finds Annunciation or “Mariæ bebudelse”. It also finds another named day that is somewhat close to the entered.


Generally, when showing more matches the service will try to show the one that matches the most at the top. Currently, I’ve only entered a few pages of the days from R.W. Bauer’s work and am still trying to finish the ones starting with “A”. When some days refers to other days like the main named days that are already shown in the calendar, I also add the ability to search these. An example includes “Mariæ bebudelse”, which was already shown in the calendar before adding the ability to search named days.

Until next time

I’ll continue to add more named days and when I have gotten a bit further I will probably also try to take another round of trying to raise more awareness of the calendar.