Come see the calendar

Since my last post I’ve been trying to promote the calendar service and I’ve also started working on a feature to get assistance looking up specific named days in a year. This is a feature, I’ve described a while ago and also mentioned in my last post as a potential feature to start on. More importantly though, it is also a feature that was requested as feedback from one genealogist I’ve promoted the calendar to. As this project and blog is about getting feedback and trying to build features that are requested and used, I thought it was a good place to start.

Getting the word out

I’ve done some polishing of the calendar and web site in preparation of promoting the service. I did some additional testing and removed the “preview” label. I kept the note about the calendar still being in an early stage and the reference to the blog, as I’m still very interested in getting followers and to start a dialogue about what features would be desired in the service. To a similar end, I made minor changes to the web site in regards to getting to the calendar and sign up for the newsletter. I would really like people to sign up for the newsletter, but at the same time, I don’t want it to prevent some people from getting to the calendar.

I’ve written out to Danish genealogist unions whose members may find the service useful. Some unions like Danske Slægtsforskere has websites and publications that I hope will mention the calendar to get the word out. I’ve also written to several professional genealogists including a few with blogs like The Swedish Genealogist. I hope the calendar will get featured in blog posts, so more will learn about it. Finally, I posted in Danske Slægtsforskeres forum and I also tried to post in a few Facebook groups. Unfortunately that got my Facebook account locked out. I’m trying to get my account opened again and I will continue to try and spread the word in order to see if there is any interest in the service at all and hopefully start a dialogue about the service.

If you know of any particular forum, organization or other you think I should reach out to, please let me know in the comments below or write me an email at

Find a named day

Showing a calendar of a year gives an overview and allows one to see where the weekdays fall. One can easily determine a number of days or a weekday before or after some named day.

However, the tabular calendar format will only be able to show a limited number of named days. It can be hard to show a lot of different names on one day, if multiple named days happen to fall on the same day. In addition the same church day may have several names, e.g a common Danish name, older Danish names as well as Latin names. All of these names may be difficult to convey in a calendar format. However, the different names and abbreviations of them may have been used in church books when recording events.

To help with this challenge, I’m working on expanding the calendar service to allow the user to input both a year and some text for a named day. The calendar service will then try to see if it can find any named days that match and then list those. The matching does not need to be exact as indicated in the image below. If matches are found, they will be listed, with the common name of the day as well as additional names for the day and when it falls in the inputted year.


Until next time

I will continue to try and spread the word about the service and I will continue working on the feature to look up named days. I need to finish the way it should work and then I plan on going through all the named days in R. W. Bauer’s old work and try to fill them in.
As always, If you have any feedback or requests, don’t hesitate to write in the comments or send me an email at