A little progress

This week I got back to work again, but I still took it slow and relaxed outside of work. I only got back to the calendar service in the weekend. This post describes the limited progress made during the weekend. I usually don’t work on design or user interfaces, but this is where I have decided to start and also what this post will be about.


As mentioned in previous posts the service is intended to have a couple of main features. It shall be able to show the named days for a specified year and to calculate a birth or death date from the other and the age. Also, in the last post I described some potential features; to convert a date between calendars and to get help determining a named day (inputting what the writings in the church book looks like and get suggestions).

I’d like the main area of the application to show the result, e.g. a calendar or a list of named days. In contrast I’d like the area for entering data to be small - perhaps disappear or get compacted - when showing the result.


Search bar

My first idea that I’m pursuing is to have a simple input field like a search bar where one can enter what the service shall calculate and show. For one of the main features, one can enter a year in the input field and have the service show when the named days fall in that year. However, similar to how Google allow one to enter small calculations, e.g. “2 + 2” or currency conversions, e.g. “20 DKK to EUR” directly in the search field, the calendar search bar may also know about a few different types of inputs for the different features.


Search form

It may be easy to remember the simplest ones above like a year or a named day and a year. I can also try to make the service understand many variations of the longer input for a date calculation. However, if we haven’t used the date calculation feature before or it’s been a while, we may not be able to remember how it should be inputted. For these cases, it may make sense to have a more explicit form with separate fields for the different inputs. The down arrow in the search bar is intended to drop down a search form with explicit fields. As I haven’t finished that form yet, I don’t have a screenshot of it.


For the technology interested I have chosen the framework Angular to build the web application. I have chosen this as I used it one or two years ago. However, I still struggled a bit with it as I’m not that experienced in front-end development and design. Hopefully this will improve as I go along.

What’s next

In the coming week, I hope to finish designing and implementing the overall layout before starting on implementing the calendar calculations.