Back from Greenland

I’m back from Greenland, where I had a really good time. Unfortunately it did not include much time spend on the calendar project. Therefore I will in this post describe my time in Greenland a bit before giving a short update on what I’ve worked on since I got back last weekend.


I had originally planned to stay with my wife the last week of her temp job in Qaqortoq in southern Greenland. However, my wife managed to finish a few days earlier and to save half on the expensive plane ticket I ended up going a few days later. That meant, I had only one day on my own in the town where my wife worked. Rather than splitting it up between exploring and working on the calendar service, I spend the whole day walking around town and on the rocky hills surrounding the town. Coming from flat Denmark it really is a remarkable landscape.

In the evening we packed up and got on a ferry that sails up the west cost for four days to Ilulissat above the arctic circle. On the way it has a few short stops in small towns and a longer stop in the capital Nuuk. We really enjoyed the relaxing time on the ferry as well as getting off and walking around the different towns. In Ilulissat we spend three days walking around town and along two trekking routes at the outskirts of the town. Walking along the Ilulissat Icefjord we enjoyed some spectacular views. All in all a very good experience although we were there a bit off-season; between the summer and the winter season. Below I’ve added a few photos from the trip.


As mentioned earlier, I didn’t manage to get a lot of work done on the calendar service during my time in Greenland. After getting back last weekend, I’ve been trying to finish up the functionality behind the search inputs described earlier and making it available online. The search input functionality is done, and I can soon start to focus on determining and showing the results. Unfortunately, I ran into some issues and didn’t manage to get the search inputs available online for review yet.

Until next time

I will work on solving the issues I encountered and get the calendar application available online so I can start to show the progress in more than just pictures. As I don’t feel I have a lot of sparetime to work on the project, I will change to blog every second week about the progress instead of every week. See you in two weeks and hopefully I will have something online to show - even if it may not be very useful at first.