An early preview

I managed to solve the issues described in my last post and the calendar application is now online for preview in a very unfinished and unusable state. In this post I will briefly describe what can be previewed and as always touch on what I am and will be working on until next post.


The calendar application is in a very early state. All that can be previewed at the moment is a search field and a set of forms (as described in previous posts) and then a result that only gives an indication about how the search input was interpreted. That is, the calendar application doesn’t show the actual result at the moment. The application’s interpretation of the search input is even a bit crude, but the preview can be used to get an idea about the interaction an to adjust it. The preview can be found at

Automatic updating

I have set up my calendar project, so I can easily deploy new versions of the calendar application. Whenever I decide to save changes to the application (or in programmer speak: when I merge into master) they will be automatically made available on the link given above. I hope to utilize this and continuously share updates, so you can follow along. Unfortunately the next thing I will work on, may not have so much visible progress to follow until it is done.

Until next time

To be able to try and monetize on the calendar application, I’ve decided to require users to be signed up and logged in. In this way I can control how much to give access to. I’ve currently started looking into a service from Amazon to handle the signup and login functionality and am also looking into how to run a service on their servers and to utilize the functionality to control access to my service. I will probably need a bit of time for this and there will not be a visual impact for some time. I hope, however, that it will be the last bump before getting to the primary functionality of calculating and determining the dates that the calendar application is all about.